3 Reasons You Actually DO Want Coal In Your Stocking This Year

3 Reasons You Actually DO Want Coal In Your Stocking This Year

November 09, 2018

You know you’re an adult when holiday music starts to scare you, you finish your shopping before Thanksgiving… and you actually want your stocking to be chock full of charcoal. Well, Miracoal, that is. When it comes to the holiday season, there is no better method to get you both prepared and get you back to baseline (or should we say waistline?) than these total body detox and hangover relief supplements.

Why You Do What Coal In Your Stocking - Miracoal Activated Charcoal Supplements

Your power play: combining Miracoal: The Ultimate Hangover Remedy and Miracoal Plus: Premium Total Body Detox + System Recovery, the only products on the market that combine organic activated coconut charcoal with electrolytes to establish maximum recovery and aid in hydration and full body cleansing -- without having to give up one single solitary Christmas cookie, sip of champagne… or platter full of creamy mashed potatoes. (Is anyone else drooling yet?)

A detox without having to actually detox. If that’s not the gift that keeps on giving -- what is?

Here are three reasons why you’re going to want to stuff those stockings with plenty of coal this season.

Prepare Your Body For All Those Inevitable Holiday Calories

Everyone knows what a food coma is, and those tend to be incredibly frequent this time of year. But let’s be real: what’s the holiday season without indulging in all the goodies (Christmas cookies are just too good to pass up!). Especially when all you have to do to alleviate that “I feel gross feeling” after a big meal is to pop a few Miracoal capsules every day to aid in a mild digestion and leave you feeling light (rather than overly bloated). That’s where the turmeric root comes in; it was added specifically to make sure it's easy on your digestive system and gently remove toxins -- resulting healthier kidney and liver functions. In other words, Miracoal allows you to be in good spirits (literally) all while naturally cleansing your body.

Detox from holiday eating with Miracoal

No More Holiday Party Hangovers
From office Christmas parties to New Year’s Eve, the champagne is officially popping during the holiday season! It’s inevitable you will partake -- and thanks to Miracoal -- you don't have to worry should you overtake as well. Just leave a few Miracoal capsules and a tall glass of water on your bedside table and pop them right before bedtime. Then, as you’re dozing off, Miracoal uses its blend of high-grade organic coconut charcoal enhanced with electrolytes to corrals all the toxins and chemicals you poured into your body with alcohol and flush them right out of there. You can even get more ahead of the game and throw our brand new convenient six-capsule travel pack into your bag and take them in your Uber ride home.

Holiday Hangover Prevention with Miracoal Activated Charcoal

Resolution-Free Way To Get Your Body Back (No Gym Required)
We all know the drill: January 2 hits, and all of a sudden the gym is PACKED with everyone trying to fulfill their New Year’s resolution. It’s enough to make you lose your will to work out just thinking about it! Well, what if we told you that you can kick your body into high gear without having to hit the treadmill quite as hard? Combining quality organic coconut charcoal with brain boosting Vitamin B12 and anti-inflammatory turmeric root, Miracoal Plus drives impurities out of your body while giving you a boost in your immune system and energy levels. And those energy levels are great for boosting your metabolism and getting your body moving post-holidays! For those looking to diet, Miracoal even helps aid in the ever-popular intermittent fasting (IF). Since this can be a shock to your system, especially after stuffing your face for weeks, Miracoal provides a gentle assist in removing your body’s waste removal process by trapping and then escorting toxins from your body. In fact, Miracoal -- derived from coconut, is one of the only natural remedies that promotes whole body detoxification due to its unparalleled ability to trap and remove toxins. Oh, and did we mention it’s also gluten free?

You know you -- and everyone you know -- needs this. Not only is it a practical gift, it’s an affordable one! And to make it even more so, as our gift to you, Miracoal is offering 20% off both products until December 1 -- visit www.miracoal.com and use the code MerryDetox upon checkout to redeem.