6 Things Activated Charcoal Cures (Besides Hangovers)

6 Things Activated Charcoal Cures (Besides Hangovers)

September 12, 2018

When you think of charcoal, two things come to mind: grilling, and what shows up in your stocking when you’re on the naughty list. Turns out it’s good for a lot more than that. In fact, what’s known as “activated charcoal” is a potent natural treatment that actually works to trap toxins in your body, and can cure anything from hangovers and stained teeth to bad skin.

But in a market that has become saturated with charcoal treatments, it’s important to be able to sift through, well, the ashes to determine which products are the ones worth using — because not all activated charcoals are created equal. .

And what’s more? Certain ones even remedy everything from yellow teeth and black heads to providing a full body detox system. All with one capsule. You heard us.

Patent-pending MIRACOAL -- a total body detox and hangover relief supplement -- is the only product on the market that combines organic activated coconut charcoal with electrolytes to establish maximum recovery and aid in hydration. In other words, one hassle-free capsule transformed the ancient use of activated charcoal to meet modern standards, providing cures ane added benefits to everything -- yes, EVERYTHING! -- listed below. 

In other words, a total Miracoal for your body. (See what we did there?)

Toxins In Your Body

Perhaps the most staggering fact about Miracoal is it’s a detox system that doesn’t require you to actually cut out alcohol or the foods you like. Meaning, you can still indulge, and remove harmful toxins from you body naturally. We know, this sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s very real. The genius behind this lies in the ingredients -- the proprietary blend that effectively combines B12 to boost overall energy and turmeric root, to not only remove toxins, but also reduce inflammation for a total system recovery.

Yellow-Stained Teeth
Teeth whitening can be both expensive and painful. And Miracoal wipes both of those out with one, well, brush by altering the pH balance in your mouth. So we’re not just talking whiter and brighter smile here -- Miracoal can also help you bid farewell to things like gum disease, cavities, and bad breath. Here’s how: crack open the capsule, and dip a wet toothbrush into the powdered contents. Brush your teeth normally -- focusing on the stains, naturally -- rinse with water. Do this a couple times a week, and watch the magic happen.

It Helps With Intermittent Fasting

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or at the very least avoiding the internet, odds are you’ve heard of the latest trend in weight loss -- that ironically, has actually been utilized by many for years -- intermittent fasting (IF). It is particularly important to take products that can assist your body’s waste removal process by trapping and then escorting toxins from your body because when you first start fasting, your body may not be able to handle the toxins released into your bloodstream from your own body fat. Miracoal -- derived from coconut, is one of the only natural remedies that promotes whole body detoxification due to its unparalleled ability to trap and remove toxins.

Acne and Un-Purified Skin 
Move over, Proactive! There’s a new acne fighter in town -- and it’s a fraction of the cost. Just combine a capsule full of Miracoal with aloe vera, smooth it all over your face and let dry before rinsing it off completely. The charcoal will latch onto those toxins that contribute to blackheads and acne like a steel trap -- and voila! -- beautifully clear skin is literally at your fingertips.

Brain Fog
You know that spaced out feeling that can occur after you eat a meal with a lot of preservatives? (Hey, we all do it.). Just two Miracoal capsules a day lead to to healthier kidney and liver functions, because they are actively removing toxins and chemicals from their body. The result? Not only clearing the fog but make your brain feel more alert by ridding your body of the chemicals you consumed.

Yes, we said we wouldn’t bring this back up -- but it cures hangovers! As in, popping these bad boys after a night of debauchery actually makes you not want to physically hurl yourself off a cliff the next day. So yeah, we sort of had to. How exactly does this work? Miracoal essentially corrals all the toxins and chemicals you put into your body with alcohol (and the millions of sweet mixers you likely combined with it) and flushes it right out of there. Some studies even claim if you take the capsules when you drink, it can even decrease your blood alcohol concentrations. Either way, you never have to miss your 9 a.m. spin class because happy hour went awry ever again.  And now there's even a convenient six-capsule travel pack you can drop right in your bag for relief on the go.