“I love using Miracoal! I don’t drink often but every time I do I use Miracoal and I’m back to business in the morning. No hangover feelings at all!"
John O.


"They aren’t kidding when they say “Don’t go to bed without it”- anytime I know I’ll be having more than one drink and want to feel great the next day- Miracoal is a MUST HAVE by my bedside!!!"
Lauren T.


"I can’t believe how much better I feel after a night of drinking if I take Miracoal. But it’s also great for headaches and skin imperfections unrelated to drinking! Definitely bring my bottle everywhere I go!"
Rachel S.


"Back in my college days, I could party all night, and the next day I wouldn’t skip a beat.  Oh how the times have changed!  As a working father, nowadays if I do go out and have a few glasses of wine, I pay the price the next morning.  Then I found Miracoal!  Now when I go out, if I have a few cocktails, I just take my Miracoal before I go to bed.  I wake up the next morning hangover-free and ready to tackle my day!"


"Miracoal is a true miracle! I leave them next to my toothbrush before a big night out so I can remember to take them before bed. They help my body push the reset button and I love the clean ingredients. Thanks for being a lifesaver, Miracoal!"
Lisa C.